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2496-2918-00   (red caps)
576   5Nm Torque Key
4108   ABUS Bordo Folding Lock - 6000 90cm
736   Anti-Theft Bolt Kit for PitstopWheel
704   Anti-Theft Bolt Kit for Seat Post
KKL-2411-0000-03   Assembly Guide
74   Battery Charger - NiMH (UK)
KKL-2464-2665-02   Battery Hole Plug (Split)
555   Bell
KKL-2658-0000-00   Bengal Helix 5L Brake Lever Diaphragm
579   Brake Barrel Extenders
571   Brake Pad (Pair)
752   Charger Power Lead with EU Plug
772   Charger Power Lead with UK Plug
213   Circlips G1 Hub
KKL-0084-0000-00   D5x3 Magnet Gold
2571-0000-00   EPDM CORD 80MM
190   Foam Cradle
2459   Folding Pedals (Pair)
783   Frame Bung?
KKL-4106-2833-02   French Light Bracket
691   Front Fork Light Spacer
1321   Front Hub Inner Bearing Extractor (Bung)
KKL-4161-3049-01   Front Light Assembly
KKL-4125-2982-03   Front Light Bracket
733   Front Pannier Briefcase
701   Front Pannier Rod (190mm)
702   Front Pannier Rod (250mm)
616   G1 MotorFork Bung (Controller securing bolt hole)
242   G1 Steerer
247   G1 Steerer Boot
g1to13g2   G1 to 2013 G2 Upgrade Offer
1348   G2 Battery Charger - Lithium Ion (EU)
1347   G2 Battery Charger - Lithium Ion (UK)
4081   G2 Compact Seatpost Lower˙
4082   G2 Compact Seatpost Upper
2455   G2 Fold Leg
2250-2385-14   G2 Front Fork Race
KKL-2231-1960-04   G2 Front Frame PaintDecal MBLK
2388   G2 Front Pannier Rod Kit
4062   G2 Handlebar Grips
4052   G2 Integrated Light Kit
2387   G2 Kickstand
4079   G2 Quick Release
KKL-2495-2830-02   G2 Rev 2 Box R Model
2391   G2 Seat Post Tool Holder
4063   G2 Small Parts Bag
2572-0000-00   G2 STEM LOWER BUSH
2460   G2 Travel Case
4084   Gocycle 1/4'' 25mm driver bit set with holder
1354   Gocycle Cap - Black Brushed Cotton Twill, Gocycle 'O' Logo
1350   Gocycle Cap - Black Brushed Cotton Twill, Gocycle Logo
1351   Gocycle Cap - Black Microfibre with White Stitching, Gocycle Logo
1353   Gocycle Cap - White Brushed Cotton Twill, Gocycle 'O' Logo
1352   Gocycle Cap - White Brushed Cotton Twill, Gocycle Logo
no ID yet   Gocycle Connect Brochures (APP)
2470   Gocycle G2R (FBR) - Grey/Black (UK)
2537   Gocycle G2R (FBR) - Matte Black/Black (UK)
2486   Gocycle G2R (FBR) - White/Black (UK)
6118FBLGRY   Gocycle G2R - Grey/Black (USA)
6118FBLBLK   Gocycle G2R - Matte Black/Black (USA)
6118FBLWHT   Gocycle G2R - White/Black (USA)
4046   Gocycle Kit Bag
4170   Gocycle Lock Holster Kit
157   Handlebar Grips (Standard) with End Caps
193   Hard Storage Case
KKL-2343-2597-04   Heatsink pad
204   Inner Tube
2243-2631-02   L Boost Button Wire
KKL-2483-0000-00-T   Left Brake Lever Helix 5L
KKL-4132-2739-04   Light Harness Assembly with Connector
1230   Lithium Battery Upgrade Kit (EU) for First-Generation G1 Gocycle (Frame Numbers 000301-009999).- Discontinued Item
1231   Lithium Battery Upgrade Kit (UK) for First-Generation G1 Gocycle (Frame Numbers 000301-009999).- Discontinued Item
172   Lockshock Pin
kkl-4088-2829-01   Luggage Arm Seatpost Clamp
4102   Luggage Rack
4102-blemished   Luggage Rack - scratched
4098   Luggage Rack Light Kit
4090-2863-00   Luggage Rack Profile Rear
4091-2864-01   Luggage Rack Rod
4087   Luggage Rack Seat Tube Bush
4095-2967-03   Luggage Rod End Ferrule
4096-2868-02   Luggage Threaded Rod End
KKL-4151-0000-00   M3 X 6 Cap A2
KKL-0469-0000-00   M3.5x8 CSK
4126   M5 x 12 SH SS A4
494   M5x20 SOHTCS BLACK
754   M5x25
KKL-2245-0000-00   M8x16 CSK SS A4 BLKPH
4069   M8x25 CSK SS A4
1344   MouseMat
1193   Mudguard (Front)
2442   Mudguard (Front) with G2 Mounting Kit
1192   Mudguard (Rear)
4114   Mudguard Front OS
4078   Mudguard Rear
KKL-4073-0000-00   O-Ring 15x2 n70
KKL-2412-2903-03   Operation Guide
KKL-2481-0000-00   Oring 42x2E70 EPDM
KKL-2490-2904-03   Owners Manual CD
1345   Pannier Briefcase (For Use with G2)
4068   Pedal Spanner (15mm) with Gocycle Logo
197   Performance Tyre
568   PitstopWheel (Includes Tube and Tyre)
50   PitstopWheel Cam Grommets
KKL-2502-0947-07   Pivot Preload washer (4.2mm)
kkl-2503-0947-07   Pivot Preload Washer (4.4mm)
KKL-2504-0947-07   Pivot Preload Washer (4.6mm)
2503-0947-07   Pivot Washer
KKL-2410-2686-01   Plastic Bags
602   Plastic Tyre Lever
34   Pop Rivet Black
KKL-2105-2328-09   Rear Hub Shell
KKL-2105-2328-11   Rear Hub Shell
KKL-4128-3011-01   Rear Light Assembly
KKL-4129-2753-04   Rear Light Bracket
107   Rear Mudguard Mounting Knob
1406   Replacment External Steerer Stop Assembly
KKL-2482-0000-00-T   Right Brake Lever Helix 5L
2374   Schwalbe Big Ben Tyre
582   Seat Post and Saddle
741   Seat Post and Saddle (Compact)
KKL-2082-2876-01   Servo Horn
86   Shocklock
4103   SKS plastic Rivet
4104   SKS washer
706   Small Parts Bag
252   Steerer Bearing Race
2238-2035-10   Stem Lower
632B   Stem Pinch Bolt Washer
498B   Stem Upper Cap
KKL-0751-0818-21   Swing arm inner Painted MBLK
KKL-2424-0818-21   Swing arm inner Painted White
4110   T-30 1/4'' driver bit 25mm long
4109   T-45 1/4'' driver bit 25mm long
1114   Torque Wrench (1/4-inch Drive)
KKL-2615-3040-01   TS CABLE
2236-0000-00   Twist BB

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