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Our Customer Testimonials

Customer Service
August 2014 G2 is ...B awesome ! This bike will really revitalise my riding sport/fun, which has been non existent the last two years … Why didn't I buy one earlier?"
July 2014 truly is the greatest purchase I have ever made so congratulations to all at Gocycle for a magnificent product and first class service."
June 2014 ...Again I must appreciate your extra effort in handling my case, your service has been excellent. Good to know that such a capable technical support is available..."
May 2014 Just a quick note to say thank you for sorting out my G2, typically fast and excellent Gocycle customer service."
December 2013 Thanks once again to all at Gocycle. Your customer service is excellent. A BIG THANK YOU.
March 2013
“I am now enjoying my new Gocycle. . . . Paul and I were impressed with the professionalism your team showed us on each of the three occasions we met and all that you promised you have fulfilled.”
February 2013
“I would just like to thank you the excellent customer service you provided me in the repair of my Gocycle, it is now back on the road and it was missed. You did a very speedy service in which I thank you for and have already passed on my experience to my colleagues and friends.”
February 2013

“Thanks . . . I'm very happy with your work. You are very, very serious and good worker! Thanks really, another!

January 2013
“Excellent support . . . I have received and fitted the bolts. Thank you so much for an excellent support service.”
December 2012
“Gocycle always offered me a fantastic customer service . . .”
September 2011
“I am . . . amazed that their reaction is so quick and positive. . . . Many thanks and greetings [to] the best service team in London.”
August 2011
“Thank you so much! You are brilliant . . . a luminous star who cares about good service. I really appreciate this.”
August 2011
“Dealing with you with regards to this matter has also been a 100% pleasurable experience too.I just cannot tell you how grateful I am for the brilliant customer service that I have received. What more can I say but thank you ever so much.
June 2011
How impressed I have been with the technical support provided to me post-sale in relation to some technical questions. . . . [T]he technical support team has gone over and above to ensure that I [had] the right answers to the questions I had. Many thanks :)
June 2011
I've dealt directly with yourselves (Gocycle) on a few occasions as I've been a gocycle owner for 3 years now and have always received first class service from you.
February 2011
“Sincere thanks for your prompt actions, I do appreciate the excellent customer service.”
April 2010
“On behalf of Tranquil PCI would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the quick delivery and great service in a tight situation. As Customer Service for Tranquil PC I know how difficult the job can get and I think you have dealt with this most professionally!”
March 2010
“Just wanted to say what excellent service I have had from Gocycle, not just the recent service of my year-old Gocycle, but also promptly dealing with any problems I may have had with it. . . . I've done over 3,000 miles on my Gocycle on a daily basis in all weather and temperature . . . I would thoroughly recommend anyone to give the Gocycle Experience a go.”
December 2009
“Thank you very much, shipping was very fast and my Gocycle is gorgeous. I love it.”
July 2009
“You have made my day but the only thing now is that I won’t get any sleep tonight. Is it ok for a 34-year-old to feel this way as it isn’t even Christmas?”
May 2013 “Working at high-end motorsport events meant we had a requirement to give our team convenient, light mobility and a means for carrying out unique tests for the system we run. The Gocycle has become a great asset to us for both purposes not to mention really looking the part. In events where space is limited and access by motorised transport is prohibited, Gocycle has been a perfect solution.”
April 2013 What can I say but wow! I'm very impressed. G2 may look . . . like G1 but what a progression! Everything that's good about G1 is there plus a whole lot more. I was instantly impressed by the bike's performance and handling and the increased level of control which the rider has. The forthcoming app has me even more excited!”
July 2011

First of all, thank you very much for the very generous gesture and the continued great support that I have received since day 1 of my Gocycle ownership. My praise of both Gocycle and the outstanding customer service has now convinced my mate at work to purchase a Gocycle, he picked his up yesterday. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Gocycle generation 2 has to offer. I'm rather confident that I will be at the front of the line for purchasing one, once they become available, perhaps keep me in mind if you need some high mileage test riders ;)”

June 2011 Just a brief note to say that I fitted the Heavy Duty Stand last night and it works very well. The instructions were particularly good.”
June 2011 “Over 80,000 km…and only had to change one tyre.”
March 2011 “What a great bit of kit it is—lots of admiring comments from pedestrians and cyclists alike. Not so sure about the reaction of drivers, who seem to be very annoyed that they now have to contend with cyclists going faster than them in town without even putting any effort into it.”
October 2010 “I received my Gocycle yesterday, assembled it last night and rode into work today. . . . I cycled in with my boyfriend, (riding a conventional pedal bike). Brilliant being able to get up the hills without any problems, and going faster than him.”
July 2010 “I really like my Gocycle. It is an excellent and well-thought-out piece of kit. I have used it almost every day since I got it for my 25 mile-round-commute to work.”
July 2010 “I love riding my Gocycle to work . . . and I arrive sweat-free. On the way home, there is a long hill where other commuter cyclists have to get out of their seats and work hard to climb. The Gocycle, with a little pedalling help, is able to zip up the hill with ease—great fun to pass those grimacing faces.”
March 2010 “So funky and cool.........people just love it!”
March 2010 “Desde Santa Cruz de Tenerife en Las Islas Canarias Spain con mi querida Gocycle. Todas las personas que me ven pasar me dicen: !QUE BYCI MAS GUAPA!„
March 2010 “We are both delighted with our Gocycles using the power feature when encountering heavy winds or hilly inclines during our trips. . . . we both own other bikes, but our preference is the Gocycle.”
October 2009 “It looks so modern and clean that we fell in love with it… congrats on your product!”
September 2009 “I’m loving the Gocycle, I’ve been riding it hard for 3 months and loved every mile, I’ve easily covered 1500 miles . . . I would buy another one tomorrow.”
August 2009 “I am very pleased with the bike, the quality of the build and its components . . . In operation it performs brilliantly and is great fun to ride; it is very comfortable and the brakes are excellent! My wife loves it too.”
August 2009 “What can I say, it took me all of 20 minutes to get the bike together. I . . . love it. Well worth the wait. One question, does it need to charge for the full 24 hours first charge, kind of wanted to ride home! Many I thank you guys, it’s a work of absolute genius.”
April 2009 “I was going to buy a car, but instead I am going to use the Gocycle to get to the train station and . . . I would never have thought about riding to the train station before now until I saw the Gocycle. Best of luck with it all. It’s an amazing product.”
November 2008 “I am delighted with my Gocycle for cost, environmental and health reasons. . . . [If] I just use it 3 days a week for the 5 mile run to work each way then it pays back in under 2 years at 40p/mile car cost.”
November 2008 “We’re renaming this Go-Gocycle! The bike is supremely well-engineered, light yet strong, and we’ve found it very easy to ride especially under pedal power. You can’t help but smile at the growing sense of empowerment and freedom you get as you engage the motor. It’s so good we’ve ordered half a dozen for this discerning group of designers and look forward to riding the new wave as Gocycle’s ubercool urban commuters. Ride on Gocycle...”
November 2008 “The Gocycle is performing well and everyone is impressed by the power. I have to be a bit careful on one corner here as I have caught the pedal on the ground by leaning over too much. It's got too much grip!!”
November 2008 “Whizzing by all the stationary cars gives me the greatest pleasure, and seeing all the appreciative stares gives me a real kick. I love the styling, the comfort and the fact that when I am out of breath I can crank the motor on and power up the hills. Arriving at work with hardly a sweat is most important as I can seriously use the Gocycle as an alternative mode of transport to work, and this makes it a really viable investment.”
October 2008 “Marvellous engineering...superb construction...very comfortable even after hours of riding...and best of all...FUN!”
October 2008 “Gocycle is great! . . . Seems amazing for getting up hills. . . . The motor makes it incredibly easy to maintain a good speed without getting out of breath.”
October 2008 “I like the style and comfort and the constant eye turning . . . the motor makes me want to use it daily.”
October 2008 "[It] was great fun power-pedalling up the hills at a speed that turned many heads! . . . As an engineer, I admire the beautiful design and immaculate engineering."
October 2008 “Everyone who sees the Gocycle is taken aback and excited about the concept. I love buzzing down the street and just watching all the heads turn, amazed at what they are seeing.”